The Boy (2015) #HorrorMovie

I remember seeing ads for The Boy (2015) on ChillerTV when it was still a thing and was interested in what it was. The bits that I saw back then reminded me of Children of the Corn meets Pumpkinhead. Imagine my disappointment when I finally saw it three years later on SYFY VOD. Chiller Films should be ashamed, for this boring piece of art, if I wanted to see something so bland I’d watch home movies of growing up in Wyoming.

The BoyI should correct that a bit, it had some good parts, and some disturbing parts, too bad most of that was at the end of the movie. Normally, when the soundtrack gets intense it means something awesome is about to happen, not with this movie; it got all stoked ready for climax and all the Boy does is steal some ashes from a motel patron’s room.

I’m not a fan of this movie called The Boy (the one from 2016 is much better,) and I can only give it 2 Stars.

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