Finally, I got something to write about. A ghost that offers turndown service. Mike Enslin

Just because Stephen King wrote 1408 (2007) doesn’t mean it’s good enough to make a movie. This is one that should’ve been left alone. It’s based on a short story, (I haven’t read it, and have no intentions) feeling like a deleted scene from the Shining.

It’s about author Mike Enslin’s quest to finding an actual haunted hotel room. When he learns about room 1408 in the Dolphin1408 Hotel, he wants to stay in it. The hotel gives him the runaround, building up his desire to stay in it. Finally, they give in, letting him stay in the room.

From one moment to the next, he believes then doesn’t, to thinking he was drugged from the liquor the manager gave him. Then he thinks it’s a dream but still wants out of the room. If you were dreaming, you’d be safe. Once he was on the ledge, wouldn’t the power be taken away from the entity?

So much doesn’t make sense in this movie; the electrical barrier in the air, the flashbacks to what is “haunting” him, and so much more. What caused the room to be the way it is? The man in the air duct is great, aw were the paintings changing, I expected more stuff like that. I also liked the use of We’ve Only Just Begun by Carpenters.

2 Stars

I wasn’t that impressed with this and don’t feel comfortable giving it more than 2 out of 5 Stars, and give you a hard warning to not waste your time.

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