For my 200th Horror Movie Review and it being Halloween, I figured I’d talk about the Rob Zombie remakes of Halloween. As with many remakes, these are just strange.

I understand that Rob Zombie was filling in the back story, but I find the first part of Halloween (2007) boring and predictable. From my point of view, it doesn’t get good until we jump ahead 15 years. Tyler Mane plays adult Michael a.k.a. The Shape very well, but, then again, there isn’t much acting involved, just walking, stalking, and killing.

I do enjoy this remake of one of my favorite horror movies, it gives a harder hit than the original. It still doesn’t answer the question of why Michael is stalking Laurie. How would he know she’s his sister? He hasn’t seen her since she was an infant, which means facially she’s changed quite a bit, and the Strodes changed her name. The scene where Michael carries Laurie down the street is bizarre and creepy.


Halloween II (2009) continues basically where we left inthe previous Zombie installment, though not seamlessly. This edition is more violent than the previous, too, with Michael really taking out his aggression, showing more of his psychopathic side than any of the other movies.

It gets stranger with Michael wandering around aimlessly, which I assume isn’t Laurie dreaming. Then stranger still as the story unfolds with Laurie sharing visions and seeing what Michael is doing before he does it. I don’t care for this version of Loomis, he’s self-centered and douchey.

The final scenes are as brutal as the opening, but no longer a dream as Michael stalks Laurie. All in all, I like these films, but the second not as much as the first.


As a single unit, I give Rob Zombie’s Halloween 4 out of 5 Stars.

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