If Tower of Evil (1972) was intended to be an exploitation film, it didn’t really meet what my expectations of them are. They did start it out with creepiness with the over-filled fog on the soundstage as the two men go to the island to find the kids that went out there.

Tower of EvilBesides the opening craziness and a few flashback scenes from Penny, who is an amazing screamer, by the way, the thrills and mystery are mediocre at best. At times, I found my mind wandering, which I think caused me to miss some of the bland explanations. When they threw in a second Penny’s flashback, I was hopeful and excited with what I hoped was to come; too bad it took forever and was anticlimactic.

In addition to the flashbacks and the screams, I loved the family photo, seriously, that is amazing (see the hero image). The creepy laugh from the killer/maniac reminded me of a few Scooby Doo villains, but at least it made me feel something. The gore was good, but could’ve been more than what was given. And then, the movie ends after an attempt to copy an AIP fire.

2.5 Stars

After careful thought, I can only give Tower of Evil 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

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