#HorrorMovie Flop My Soul to Take (2010)

When I watched this, I figured, it’s a Wes Craven movie, so it can’t be too horrible, and at least be better than most. I’m not sure I should’ve have made that assumption. My Soul to Take (2019) is all over the place, but it is strange enough to keep me entertained.

My Soul to TakeThe ‘My Soul To Take” prayer is probably one of the creepiest prayers ever uttered. I remember my dad saying it once while tucking in my brother and me for the night. My mom didn’t like it either, so it was never said again; thank you, Mom.

My Soul to TakeI enjoyed seeing Raul Esparza in a different role from the only other place I’ve ever seen him; Law & Order SVU. The opening sequence with him is brutal and exciting. Was he possessed as some thought or just schizophrenic; for me and my writing the two aren’t exclusive, so, yes to both.

Then the movie changed, and the darkness subsides a lot more than it should have. I’m still trying to wrap my head around some of the elements of this movie, the biggest, why the kid nicknamed ‘Bug’ absorbed the souls of the dead members of the Riverton Seven. The explanation that his father was the Riverton Slasher didn’t have enough cohesiveness to convince me. If that were the case, wouldn’t he have absorbed the evil soul, too after he killed Alex?

1 Star

I can’t recommend My Soul To Take, and I give it 1 out of 5 Stars.

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