I’m not sure why they named this Ghoulies (1985), it seems Satanic Pets or something like that would be more fitting. The Ghoulies themselves don’t really play much in the film besides filler. Had they done something more exciting like Gremlins, maybe, this would’ve been better. And just think, there’s a total of four in the franchise; I will not put myself through all of them, or you.

They call me Dick…but, you can call me, Dick. Dick

GhouliesThe Ghoulies puppets are gross, and at the same time cool, I just wish they would’ve gotten more screen time. The ritual at the beginning is creepy, then the movie is just blasé as we wait for anything to happen. When it does, it’s not like the mayhem is explosive. The strangest thing is seeing Mariska Hargitay in something so horrendous, but I guess she had to take roles like this to get her break in the business.

I love how Jonathan’s pupils are never in the same spot when they turn toxic green. Another great scene is when Dick gets tongued…yeah, that happened. The choke out scene with Malcolm and Wolfgang shooting Flash Gordon style beams from their eyes is so weird, but at least entertaining.

Ghoulies IIMany times I wonder why they just don’t let it go. The first one was enough, but no, they go and make another. It’s not like this is a continuation. Well, whatever, Ghoulies II (1988) came into the world whether anyone really wanted it or not, and then they made two more.

I’m not sure what they were trying to accomplish with this one, but at least the Ghoulies had more of a spotlight than in the first installment; well a little more play, though it’s a bad Gremlins copy. The story has nothing to do with the original, except the feeble attempt of a tie in at the beginning. Then they try to through in some half-baked love story.

There’s nothing amazing about Ghoulies II, and barely about Ghoulies. Don’t settle for a cheap knockoff, watch Gremlins. These movies get a combined score of 2 out of 5 Stars.

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