Wow, it’s already day 10 in 30 Days of Terror, April is just flying by. I grew up in a touristy town (not so much anymore). We had a thriving Main Street with hardware store that was stocked with more than hardware; seriously, if you thought it, the man more than likely had it in the store and all you had to do was ask. And a drugstore that had world famous malts and shakes. Tourist Trap doesn’t remind me of those days, it’s more like what I perceive my hometown to be like now.

Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap (1979) is like a prologue to all slasher/stalker films that followed, showing us everything you shouldn’t do. Some of these things include: pay attention to signs, they are important; don’t run into the woods at night; if someone tells you to stay somewhere, do it; keep your virginity just a little while longer. All of these things, throughout the years, have been used and abused, but still make for an entertaining ride. This movie has the feel of House of Wax (1953) at times, too.

A mild spoiler

We start with this dude named Woody is pushing a “flat tire” down the road; the tire is nowhere near being flat. I yell at the screen, ‘no, Woody, don’t go in there,’ but of course he doesn’t listen. Then hears this woman moaning, so he goes deeper into this diner to find it. I’m thinking he’s expecting a free show or booty call. What happens next is so terrifying that I wanted to shut my eyes, but I braved through it.

The rest of Tourist Trap, in comparison to the first scene, is a nightmare, and I love it. Some of my favorite movies incorporate innocuous items and make them the worst thing in the world. Seeing these things move behind characters when they shouldn’t move on their own gave me the hee bee gee bees like you wouldn’t believe. There are things that happening in this film that I don’t understand why the character did them. Seriously, Molly, why would you run into the forest, and then get into the water? Thank the god in this universe that you’re a virgin.

4.5 Stars

Tourist Trap is one of my all-time favorites, and I give it 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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