Another “horror” movie that I find awful Nothing But Night (1973). It opens with sexy music and ocean-scapes as the credits pop on and off the screen, followed quickly by a fiery car accident, a man being pushed off a balcony, and then a woman being shot in the face. My favorite is the bus driver catching on fire when he lights his cigarette. Unfortunately, he crashes the bus filled with orphans and three adults.

Nothing But NightThis movie has moments that I adore, though, they are very few and far between. The majority is a murder mystery. The strange actions of Anna Harb are comical and melodramatic. Mary Valley is Anna’s daughter who was taken away from her and put in a children’s home on a remote island that is funded by the Van Traylen trust.

As with many movies, nothing is revealed or happens until the end, well except the excitement at the beginning. This one was eye-opening in the fact that I believe Jordan Peele used Nothing But Night for his inspiration for Get Out; both suck by the way, so I guess it worked out. I’m still confused about the title of this film because there’s no night until the end. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. This film isn’t worth wasting the brain cells to figure out their thinking.

1 Star

I give Nothing But Night 1 out of 5 Stars.

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