Another movie with an identity crisis. Is it Full Circle (1977) or The Haunting of Julia (1981)? I guess it doesn’t matter, I just find it annoying. Anyway, it’s based on Peter Straub’s novel, Julia. Mia Farrow is Julia Lofting, whose daughter chokes to death on a piece of apple, so what does she do? Give her a tracheotomy with a kitchen knife. I guess no one knew about the Heimlich maneuver back in the late 70s.

Full CircleAt first, I wasn’t sure if this was the movie for me—well, you know, it’s Mia Farrow and I was impressed with her other maternal portrayal—and then the moment Julia ran away from her husband, Magnus, I made an assumption of this film and was surprised and delighted that what I thought was going to happen didn’t.

The creepiness of this one is subtle at first, then it explodes into life in unexpected places. Still, I thought I had an idea what was going on, but, again, I was wrong. The séance is strange and shocking. Poor Mrs. Flood will never be the same. The occurrence with Magnus is probably one of the scariest scenes in the entire movie. When the truth of the house is finally revealed I’m not disappointed that my earlier assumptions were crushed.

3.5 Stars

When Full Circle ends, I’m satisfied with the terror and gore presented, and I give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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