I have taken the challenge of finding the strangest horror movies made and Carnival of Souls (1962) fits that list perfectly. Somehow Mary Henry has survived a water-born car accident, while her friends died, and she has no memory of how. For whatever reason she goes to Utah to take a job as a church organist, and she finds a room at a boarding house.

As the story progresses, it’s unclear whether she’s hallucinating or what’s happening is real. So much of this movie makes little sense, it’s like fragmented pieces of reality shoved together, and it’s all on purpose. Everything seen and felt is for a reason, adding a layer of chilling surrealism. The entire story feels like something Alfred Hitchcock would produce.

And when it ends, the strangeness didn’t leave my mind, and I yelled HA! Please, if you get the chance, watch Carnival of Souls from 1962.

I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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