I came across The Windmill (2016) (AKA The Windmill Massacre outside the USA) in the seemingly never-ending “Recommended for you” list on NetFlix. I was drawn in by the hero image they have displayed, making me wonder who the creepy corpse-like person was.

The beginning of the movie had a hard time sucking me in, and I was on the verge of turning it off when Jennifer has a flashback of what she was running from and freaks out on the bus. At that moment I cared about what was happening to these people on the bus, and I wanted to know who was going to get hacked to bits first.

The miller is a creepy monster, the back-story on him was interesting and added a great level of terror to the film. While the Windmill started out dry, it turned out to be great or at least better than a lot of what I’ve seen lately.

I’m happy to give The Windmill 4 out of 5 Stars, even though it almost lost my attention at the beginning.

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