#HorrorMovie Review – Mandy (2018)

I love it when my followers recommend a movie to me, and Mandy (2018) is one of those movies. I hadn’t heard of it, but after his huge recommendation, I decided to give it a watch. What can it hurt? It’s only a few hours of my life wasted if I don’t like it.

The first ten minutes are bland, strange visuals begin, then returns to bleh, making me hope that this isn’t one of those movies that waits until the last half hour to be exciting. The movie is segmented with titles like chapter names in a book, which is an interesting addition. Linus Roache plays Jeremiah Sand, and is an interesting actor, turning up the creepiness from his first scene, keeping me from losing interest completely, and I’m so glad, because this is where the fun starts.

This movie is dark and twisty once we get into the meat of it. Nicolas Cage’s character, Red Miller, gets intense after Mandy is murdered by a cult, and he goes out to avenge her death. There’s bits in this movie that reminded me of 70’s exploitation B’s and post-apocalyptic survival films, with a dash of Heavy Metal and Hellraiser.

I give Mandy 4 out of 5 Stars, it’s visually compelling and frightening.

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