Winchester (2018) was inspired by actual events, and I thought, OK, great, this should be a good one. I really enjoyed the sets. Some of the costumes seemed like a seventh grade Home Economics class made them, rather, probably could’ve done better (green dress worn by Marian Marriott). Other parts of costumes seemed to just be thrown together by an unorganized costumer, who wasn’t sure what they were doing or what period they were portraying.

The story, at times, is more about Eric putting away the “ghosts” of his past than about the Winchester house and Sarah Winchester. Then the third layer is Marian and Henry, which gave some exciting moments, but not enough. I wish the focus wouldn’t have been so scattered.

The top half of the movie is a lot of buildup, and you’d think from all of it that the climax would be more amazing. When it feels like “it” is going to happen, it fades away again, and when it finally does, it’s so near the end it was anticlimactic. The scene was good, had some great bits, but it was just a long time to wait for so little. I don’t understand movies that don’t do anything until the end.

I guess it was a good attempt at showing something amazing and beautiful. I did like the sets, but they weren’t enough to get more than 3 out of 5 Stars.

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