Chiller Films made/distributed a few movies, not sure if they’ll continue now that ChillerTV is no longer a thing, I guess we’ll see what SYFY does. Beneath (2013) is one of those enormous animal films, you know like Lake Placid (1999) and the hundreds of others.


For this one, it’s a giant catfish, yeah, you read that right, a catfish. This thing is dumb, I wish they would’ve not shown it so soon or often, and kept with the dorsal, it ruined the anticipation.

The story, aside from the catfish, isn’t awful and I wish Johnny wouldn’t have gotten killed, but he did, so, whatever. While it is a stereotypical teenage horror flick, there were some interesting aspects of their interactions; don’t confuse that with me saying the acting was good. I’m still not sure if Johnny brought these kids to the lake with the intention of them getting eaten so he could have Kitty, though she was a slut.

While the majority of the film is regurgitated for so many before, I liked it; still think they should’ve kept the fish a mystery longer.

I give this one 3 out of 5 Stars; Beneath didn’t bottom out.

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