Animal (2014) #HorrorMovie Review

Chiller Films has an interesting catalog of films, and I hope, though ChillerTV is off the air, that they will continue with SYFY. Animal (2014) kept me on the edge of my seat through most of it. Of course, there were a few bland spots, but they didn’t last long.

My favorite part of this movie is that they saw fit to keep the “Animal” out of full view for quite a while, which I think adds more mystique and anticipation from scene to scene. When they finally show it, it’s jumping at the people in the house, and that wasn’t even it completely. It’s one of the nastier looking creatures I’ve seen, and the noises it makes were freaky.

I was sure everyone was gonna die, but the one I didn’t expect made it back to the truck; that thing was hungry, then I thought that there were more than one, but wasn’t really sure. At the beginning of the movie there was an orange sign that was mostly covered with ivy, wonder what it said, was it a warning to stay the fuck out of the woods? Guess we’ll never know, they never went back to it.

Horror B-Movies are always a delight, and this one had some great elements. I’m giving Animal 3 out of 5 Stars.

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