#HorrorMovie Review – Jigsaw (2017)

For those that are tired of remakes and sequels, don’t bother watching this movie. However, if you are a SAW fan, then this movie is a good addition to the franchise. There’s not really anything unexpected in it, it’s the same gore, the same fucked up escape room games.

And for those reasons, I love Jigsaw (2017). SAW is one of those franchises where you can sit back and watch and not worry about the plot, because it’s the same in every movie, or be disappointed that the gore was bland. I thought this was one of the better of the series.

Is the acting the best? No. Is there at least one screamer with that one good shriek that shoots goosebumps down my neck? Yes. Jigsaw somehow, and all the other SAW movies, satisfies something in me that I can’t look away when a body is mangled, or a limb amputated. I need to see it.

While Jigsaw had some splendid moments and was like catching up with an old friend, I can’t give it more than 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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