Reeker (2005) had an interesting concept, though, after seeing it, I don’t understand the title as there was little focus on the stench. It starts out with a family traveling by car to somewhere, and they hit a deer with the worst possible effects.

First off, if you’ve ever been in the situation to have hit a deer or any other large animal, you know that damage is going to happen to your vehicle. Not this movie, there isn’t a scratch on the front of the minivan, no dents, no shattered windshield, just a bunch of unrealistic looking goo splattered on the windshield.

Our first encounter with the creature happens, and it wasn’t an awful experience in the fact that they gave a nice sense of foreboding. Then it gets strange, which isn’t bad, and there are some nice moments of suspense to be ruined by another failed automobile crash that was so unrealistic I wasn’t sure why they put it in.

The ending was lame, making me groan. Seriously, that’s how you’re going to end this? OK, I guess they weren’t sure what else to do, but I know what I’m gonna do, give it 2 out of 5 Stars.

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