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I’d never heard of Hide and Go Shriek (1988) until I was scrolling through a streaming service’s neverending list of titles. I read the short sentence describing it and was interested, but I thought I’d seen something similar recently (The Initiation). I don’t remember ever wanting to break into a store and stay the night in it. I had nightmares about getting locked in and the mannequins scaring me.

In this film, a group of teenagers sneaks into their friend John’s dad’s furniture store to hang out on the furniture….what the hell? Why? Anyway, when they meet the new warehouse worker who just got out of prison, they are freaked out by him because of his size. Then there’s this transvestite who’s killing hookers. Yeah, it’s got a lot of pieces, but it does work. 

The teenage shenanigans go on a little too long, but the creepiness makes up for it. There are some great kills by the transvestite who somehow got inside and locked all the doors. (Talk about planning.) Let’s not forget the reveal, well, I’m not going to tell you about it. You should see it for yourself.

4 Stars

Hide and Go Shriek is one of those obscure gems everyone should see. I gave it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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