Have you had your reading? Ramblings about Circus Tarot

The idea was simple, create a cute husband and wife with a Donna Reed overtone. The husband works a 9-to-5 job and comes home to his perfectly dressed and styled wife cooking dinner. She greets him with her, not sure if it’s the I’m gonna keel you, smile and calls him “darling”. Mary has a bit of an OCD thing happening with her hair, I think this came from something my mom told me about her grandmother or aunt, it just sounded bizarre so I had to work it in. Then there’s Darrin, he’s kind of a douche; my wife is going to stay home and keep the house up while I bring home the bacon. The whole husband and wife interaction  was based on classic TV shows I watched as a kid. I always thought it was creepy and could never figure out what the housewives did all day. Did they actually clean house every day? One more thing about Mary; she has an introspective thought when she returns from World Circus on how the whole situation is going to change but I never bring it up again; that is part of my personality, I will think something about somebody that is making me upset then that is the end. I also will spew how I feel about something and as far as I’m concerned that is the end of it.

World Circus is such an interesting place. I wanted to create my own Wonderland (with a map and everything). It is funny how when writing the landscapes of an imaginary world changes quickly. The biggest challenge for creating World Circus was to make it fit into a deck of Tarot Cards; it actually wasn’t that difficult. I just second guessed myself a few times with “would that or they be there?” Then there was picking the characters that I would use. I couldn’t use the whole deck that would have been very confusing for me to keep straight. Then the fun began, refreshing my memory on the meaning of the cards, thank the gods I have a book and wiki. The next challenge, and this is where my awesome beta readers came in, was making sure the characteristics matched or that the meaning was clear; the beta readers were always kind when I wasn’t making sense or when they didn’t get something; they also pointed out some other things that were thin.

Within the whole story, I incorporated weird sexual innuendo or 5th grade humor. Some more obvious than others. An example “Mary looked behind her at the curve of the grandstand’s backside,” or “I love it when a deuce drops by.” Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. The clowns are my favorite characters and honestly, clowns scare the hell out of me, but there is so much to be done with them. One minute they are happy and doing tricks, the next, they are seeing how far they can squirt blood from a hapless victim (hapless probably isn’t the best way to describe them, no one is hapless in World Circus).

Now that you know of some of the secrets behind Circus Tarot, what are you waiting for? Go get your copy, just remember, it’s a comedy it has clowns.*BIG SMILE*

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