Haunt (2019) was added to my watch list of horror movies released in 2019 because Eli Roth produces it. It should be good for that reason, right? I thought as I began watching. Wait, shit, he co-produced Baywatch, but he is also responsible for The Last Exorcism films, so obviously, I don’t know what is in store for me.

Shudder has their name in the opening credits, which I found interesting that they aren’t showing this exclusively on their streaming service, but whatever; they are still basically a startup and need all the dollars they can get. Tomandandy did the musical score. I first became aware of them for their original track on Red, Hot + Dance way back in 1992. They also did the score for The Hills Have Eyes and a few of the Resident Evil films.

Haunt is another of those “fish in a barrel” type films with unsuspecting teens being tortured and killed for no apparent reason by a group of freaks with extreme facial mods. I like the weird and seemly harmless feel when they initially enter the haunted house. Of course, the addition of the soundtrack always gives a movie the extra punch, especially when there’s a crescendo and a shit ton of spiders fall from an opening in the ceiling.

The gore level is acceptable and not over the top with gallons of blood spraying everywhere. The simple masks the antagonists wear, reminded me of the ones mass-produced for Halloween in the 70s and 80s, which adds a touch of creepy nostalgia for me. Haunt offers plenty of spine tingles and sphincter puckers to keep me engaged and wanting more. This movie isn’t perfect, though. Some things missed the gore moments (you might want to skip to the next paragraph as there’s a spoiler coming) like when Harper ripped the skin from her palms. Seriously, that’s going to bleed like a mother fucker, and this looked like a blister that popped.

Even with the few minor things that bothered me, I loved Haunt, and I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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