Gretel & Hansel (2020) is a movie that quickly moved to a pay television channel; I’m sure some would blame COVID-19 for it, but I wouldn’t be too quick to place the blame there, some movies just don’t make it. That being said, I’m not sure what happened with this one, the trailer gives a view of the world from a story that we all know with a twist.

gretel & hanselAside from being drawn out at the beginning with Gretel & Hansel roaming the woods searching for the woodsmen, this movie has a lot to offer to the story and the horror genre in general. Even the magic mushroom scene is a delight. The dark layer (not the finishing filter effect) is palatable throughout and makes me super happy.

When they finally arrive at the “witch’s” house in the woods, they kept relatively true to the story and added so much that it was a little hard to take in everything that was there, so I intend to see this again. Then as Gretel & Hansel get comfortable in this strange house, things start to be revealed of what is expected of the children.

4 Stars

Everything I saw in the film was beautifully done and I will watch it again the next chance I get. I give Gretel & Hansel 4 out of 5 Stars.

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