I’m not a fan of what I consider a derogatory term, gorno a.k.a. Gore porn, but I do enjoy the movies that fall into this unfortunate titled sub-genre of horror. It’s quite common for critics to rip these movies apart. I say, fuck you, don’t watch them no one is forcing you. The Collector (2009) and The Collection (2012) have been deemed to fall into this genre, and I’m sure the upcoming The Collected will, too. I dare say, you really aren’t a horror fan if all you can handle is psychological or horror-lite that has been plaguing the world lately.

The creators of the SAW franchise are responsible for this series of films, so it stands to reason that their style of visuals is quite similar in these as well. I’m not complaining, I love the SAW films; however, the machine-like parts in The Collector aren’t as intricate. That’s OK, too, the intensity of the situation is just as grave and draws me to the edge of my seat wondering who will survive. There is also a Hostel flair (the second half of the movie, not the first, it’s as dull as watching paint dry) with the sadistic bits.

Of course, some questions remain unresolved for me; it seems to be a consistent topic for me with many films. The biggest is, what is the Collector’s motivation? The Collection tries to answer that question for me, and I think I get it…he has a Hellraiser fetish and wants to create beautiful things. My other thought is that he’s just doing it for the simple reason that he can.

Having a carryover character, besides the Collector, makes the flow of events easier, especially since there’s a three-year gap between the two releases. Josh Stewart is an interesting actor. I’ve seen him in tons of things over the years, and I think he’s the perfect fit to take the role of Arkin. It was strange for me to see someone else take the part of the Collector, his movements weren’t as fluid in The Collection, and I wonder who will collect the role in The Collected.

Cumulatively, I give The Collector and The Collection 4 out of 5 Stars. I enjoy films thrills that make me sit up and take notice, and not try to brainwash me with something meaningful disguised as horror. Gore is only a part of my satisfaction with these movies. I’m excited to see where The Collected will go.

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