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Western Horror Movies are a niche genre with only a few occupying the space. For the 21st day of 30 Days of Terror I thought it’d be awesome to talk about one of them. Ghost Town (1988) goes into this bucket, and at times I wondered if it was trying to be funny; 80s horror movies were filled with camp and cheese, but this one missed the comedic delivery. If that’s what they were trying to do.

Ghost TownThe Set

Moving beyond the missed marks with the cheese, Ghost Town has a lot to offer, more than I expected. I want to mention one more thing that was strange before I tell you about anything else. The set. In my mind, it would’ve made more sense if the town hadn’t been in disarray. Then it would seem like Sheriff Langley and Kate truly stepped into the past. Now on to what was great or at least good.

Don’t get what I said about the set previously wrong. I like it, it’s creepy and beautiful, reminding of many little ghost towns in Wyoming and Colorado that have just fallen apart. The storyline is good too, though, not completely original, so many other movies have the same premise, but they at least tried to keep it fresh. The use of Langley’s dreams to provide the back story was a nice touch.

The use of stop-motion animation always makes me happy, and they used it, though sparingly, but then again, I can’t think of what else they would’ve done with it. The mixture of zombie-like characters and ghosts was done nicely without going over the top. The make-up effects were solid, too, but nothing special from the era. Many movies do this, and I wonder if it’s because they don’t know what else to do, but just ending always leaves me walking wondering if they are going to attempt a sequel.

4 Stars

Based on the bizarreness alone of Ghost Town, I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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