The maelstrom screamed around her. The unknitting process began rapidly. She felt the fibers of her existence unravel and shred. A voice in the distance told her to be strong and not to fear, this was not her undoing. She stood steadfast in the storm that pulsed around and within her. The surges of power tried to force her down but she did not move. She believed the voice, if only she could remember to whom it belonged. Then for a second the chaos was quiet. The dark stripes encompassing her changed to bright colors, rebuilding her, reweaving her existence.

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One response to “#FridayPictureShow ~ Week 26”

  1. Wow, I won Overall Winner! Thank you April Barnett. Here's what she said.

    I kept coming back to this one over and over. I wanted to know so much more. It felt like it was taken out of a larger, much more important story and I wanted to know what the rest of it was. I loved how it was both death and life, unraveling and reweaving. I wondered what she was before and what she would be when she was finished and why she needed to be destroyed and remade. But, at the same time, it made so much sense to me that I felt like it maybe didn’t really need much of an explanation because the necessity was what’s important, not the why. It was also beautifully described. I could feel the pain of her unraveling and see the multicolored yarn of her reknittting. There was so much packed so neatly into 100 little words but leaving me on such a delicious hook of desiring more. Excellent!

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