“Which key?” I screamed. “Which damn key?
Panic surged through me. Not much time. They all look the same. I took one in my sweaty fingers and tried to put it in the key slot—it did not fit.  My heart pulsed harder in my chest. Sweat trickled down my forehead into my eyes; I daubed my eyes with shoulders.
“I will kill you when I get out of here,” I shrieked, grabbing the next key. It slid from my fingers and bounced in the porcelain tray.
I fumbled with the next, my hands shaking, only seconds left. It fit.

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One response to “#FridayPictureShow ~ Week 11”

  1. Won Honorable Mention, from the Judge, Ginny Overbay, @GLOverbay: I really got caught up in the moment with this one; I got panicky and my heart began to race as I read, imagining what I could be stuck in — a cage, a room, what? Very intense.

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