Fender Bender is an unexpected delight. I love ChillerTV because it plays reruns of shows I loved growing up (Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, etc), as well has horror movies no one else is playing…ever. My only problem with the channel is that it isn’t currently broadcast in HD with my TV provider (I watched onDemand, which was in HD), but I still watch it faithfully, and practically every day, and how I learned of Fender Bender.

Being a homegrown movie on what a lot of people consider a B-Rated channel I wasn’t anticipating more than a bunch of smelly cheese. While it did have the typical amount of teenage hysterics, it was a pleasant surprise to find out it had a good story, and not much over-cooked acting. The lead role, Hilary, is performed by one of my favorite young actresses, Makenzie Vega, which I enjoyed watching grow up on the Good Wife. She keeps a sweet innocence about her, even while she fights to keep herself and her friends alive, however, their acting I cannot say would lead to any sort of awards.

Hilary is in a minor car accident, exchanging info with the other driver. When she returns home to tell her parents what had happened, they punish her by not allowing her to come with them on a family trip; I’m not sure why they were so strict, the accident wasn’t even Hilary’s fault, but this is where the fun begins, and the suspense builds.

The antagonist wears a Gimp-esque costume, and drives a sweet muscle car, reminding me of Stephen King’s Christine. Oh, and he has a knife. Looking at him, he’s a composite of several other horror movie bad guys. He’s kinda sexy in a strange way, giving me a BDSM vibe. He wanders slowly and methodically, as is expected of any self-respecting slasher, stalking his prey. Sometimes, I wish they would move faster to change it up. I loved it when he stopped in the kitchen to destroy the cell phones before chasing after the trio of teens running for their lives in the house. Obviously, running outside, getting into a car and getting the hell out of the area would be the best thing, and maybe the smarter thing to do, but where would the fun be?

The creepy elements are good, and on the strange side. No over-the-top special effects (thank you) tarnish the mood. Everything you can ask for in a Slasher Movie is present in Fender Bender, and I definitely recommend it for your viewing pleasure.

I enjoyed it so much, I give it 5 out of 5 Stars.

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