Had I known Fear in Souls: Reaper was about zombies, I probably wouldn’t have read it, because, well, I’m just not a fan of them. But what Hesham does with them is intriguing and I’m glad that I read the book.

Fear In Souls CoverThe zombie part aside, the story of the people and the changes in them are what is imparting in this story. Violet and her brother both survived in a way that was unexpected, keeping me interested. The world Hesham created is horrifying with rich visualizations of the monsters and the settings as the story progresses.

Now, if you’re worried about not reading Fear in Flesh Book 1 before reading this one, don’t as it seems like an anthology series and this one focuses on Death.

4 Stars

I 100% recommend this book and give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

About Fear in Souls

Fear … Hatred … Judgment … Deliverance

For what’s worse than Death itself coming after your soul? Violet Turner is wrapped inside a cocoon of darkness, knowing not where she stands, losing her will to survive. But what of the four riders rapidly approaching to deliver what was promised of this slowly decaying world?

About Hesham N. Ali

“Some believe writing is a lost form of art. To others, writing may just be another tedious full-time job . . .”

heshamn aliBorn and raised in a minuscule Middle Eastern island known to man as the Kingdom of Bahrain. His entire life, Hesham had traversed through the infinite cosmos and amidst the time of the dinosaurs, falling all the way down the rabbit hole. When he finally emerged on the other side into the backward world of fiction writing where he battled his greatest demons in a multiverse of genres–that was when his reign of madness began.

2014 was the year he was diagnosed with the infamous “Writer’s Bug”. By 2016 he debuted with two novels: {Fear in Flesh} and {A Portrait of Memories}. Hesham was 23 when he published both titles only 2 months apart during that year. As his passion for making up stories keeps on growing, so does his love for creating fictional worlds then tearing them asunder.

“. . . To me, writing is an artistically driven lifestyle. We make of it what we envision and desire.”
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