Don’t Listen (2020) #HorrorMovie Review

Don’t Listen (2020), originally titled Voces, is the “it” horror movie that is all the rage on Netflix right now. It revolves around a family that buys, remodels, then sells houses in Spain. Young Eric doesn’t like the house, and they call in a therapist to try to figure out why he isn’t sleeping.

Eric draws a lot, but his pictures really aren’t shown all that much until the end, which is a good thing; it keeps the mystery of things alive and adds a whoah moment. This poor kid hears the voices in this creepy house. After he drowns in the nasty swimming pool, I lost focus on Don’t Listen because it got super blah, and before this event, there was only one exciting scene.

I almost gave it up but figured I’d give it some more of my time when the father went to see a paranormalist, who agrees to come to the house to investigate. It took a little longer than I liked to get it back on pace, but when it did, Don’t Listen became an absolute thrill ride; they should’ve edited a bit more out, in my opinion.

3 Stars

Don’t Listen is a good film, but it had a long stretch that couldn’t keep my attention. For that reason, I can only give it 3 out of 5 Stars.

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