The Devil’s Prayer #Review #RRBC

To say The Devil’s Prayer is exceptional is an understatement. I’ll start with how I found this book. While going through the list of offerings at Rave Reviews Book Club, I was delighted by the catalog of books, all by Indie Authors, I discovered many titles that caught my eye, and had the challenge of picking the first to read. I ended up with a Top 5 must reads with Devil’s Prayer at the top of the list, primarily because of the imagery on the cover.

From the first page I was whisked away into Luke Gracias’ world both real and fictional, showing me pieces of history I’d never known. Devil’s Prayer takes us through time with a strong narrative voice, showing deplorable and wonderful scenes. It is sordid tale of a woman’s quest for answers and redemption, leaving her daughter, Siobhan, to carry on after her demise. Siobhan finds her Mother’s “Confession” in an unexpected place, and reading it learns things she never dreamed, all the while extremist monks chase her to retrieve what her Mother had stolen. Each entry in the Confession shows her the history of her own life as well as pieces she never expected.

The Devil’s Prayer is filled with excitement, terror, and bloodshed both historically and fictionally, and I recommend everyone grab a copy at Amazon. For more about The Devil’s Prayer and Luke Gracias, visit his website Devil’s Prayer and follow him on Twitter at @devils_prayer.

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