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Death Valley (2021) had a flow problem that confused me. It started with two men and a woman running through a tunnel to escape something chasing them. Only one man escaped, locking the other two inside to face the monster. Then suddenly we’re in a forest with a group of rescuers fighting for their life against a militia. 

So much time was spent in the woods that I was really confused about what was happening until two survivors find the hatch to the underground research facility. Still, I didn’t understand the militia until much later in the film.

There is a definite Alien (1979) influence in this film, which isn’t a bad thing. The monsters are nicely done and frightening. What they are is fascinating and amazing and how they came to be is even better. The twist surprised me, I wasn’t expecting it and that is when the militia made sense.

Death Valley is a good SciFi Horror that should be watched at least once. I gave it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

3.5 Stars
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