Dead Wave by Bryan Tranka #DarkFantasy #Review

Dead Wave (The Naysayer’s Trilogy #1) is one of the most intricate stories I’ve read in many years. There are so many characters and character flashbacks that at times I wasn’t sure what was happening or did I know who was who.

At times, I thought to put Dead Wave down and walk away a few times, but I couldn’t, I needed to know what the next bizarre twist was going to be. The reason I pondered stopping reading it is that it is difficult to read in the way it is presented.

3 Stars

The story itself is well developed and thought through. In the end, I liked Dead Wave and give it 3 out of 5 Stars.

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About Dead Wave

“This is a dark tale of the after-life with tragically flawed characters and the human condition. It’s a rare view of the middle ground between heaven and hell.”……Bryan Tranka, Author

About Bryan Tranka

Retired from the US Army after 20 yrs. Indie Author, Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Veteran, Father, Husband, Advocate of Mental Health, Pugs! Friend to all animals…

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