Daughter of Illusion 2019 Book Excellence Award Finalist in #Horror

So this happened. I go through my email and come across this. To say that I’m honored and proud is an understatement.

Dear Charles,

It is with great pleasure to announce that you have been selected as a Book Excellence Award Finalist for the following book and category:
Book Title: Daughter of Illusion
Category: Horror
There were hundreds of entries from around the world and your book was selected for its high-quality writing, design and market appeal.

Best regards,

Book Excellence Award Team

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About Daughter of Illusion:

Eli Thompson has witnessed many disturbing things in his life, but when he has a vision of despicable acts, he isn’t sure what to do until he is told that he needs to leave his comfortable home in Wyoming and go to Denver, CO. When he arrives there, he still doesn’t know why he’s there until his senses lead him to a restaurant in LODO where a grisly act has occurred.

After Eli is arrested by Detective Jonas Wechsler for being at a crime scene, they discover that other crimes where the perpetrator has vanished have happened and are entwined with the same Fallen Angel, Agrat bat Mahlat, who desires to bring about change to the world by sacrificing men to Samael. Quickly, they learn that there are other players in this vile plan, one a pawn to carry out the Fallen Angel’s orders, and two siblings, who were separated at birth.

Eli and Jonas, against the wishes of their Watchers, decide to confront Agrat, finding themselves in a precarious predicament.

Daughter of Illusion

The Horror of My Life