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The following is a deleted scene from darkness is coming. There are a few others that I’ll be posting in the coming weeks as we get closer to the release. Enjoy!

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Gareth had watched the exchange from the top floor of the City Building, wishing hidden mics lurked in the flowers so he could have heard the tender moment they had shared.

His broad, yellow grin gleamed from the light pouring through the windows, which also made his nude body glow, revealing each dimple of cellulite, and brightened the pink head of his small, ineffective penis.

What he’d set in motion was beginning to come together. Troubled people were easy to manipulate, especially Justin, which he remembered he had to find the man something to do. Him sitting around the Cowboy Inn being pissed off about losing his job to Mason only spelled problems, though it would add an extra level of excitement, it wouldn’t be worth the troubles.

Gareth was sure Justin didn’t know of his lineage or what had happened in Ashcroft; none of his ancestors, had passed the information along. He’d always been problematic, drinking too much, causing trouble when no trouble was needed, but lately he had seemed edgier than normal as though his inner self knew of what was coming, and couldn’t contain itself.

Gareth wrinkled his nose as if he’d smelled rotting fish, turning to his lavish room, the sun warming his bare backside. Waddling across the room, he paused, placing the coffee cup on the table next to his favorite golden velvet chair with ornate gilded frame. He continued his slow pace through an arched doorway to the bedroom, and finally to the closet.

He pressed the up-arrow button on the wall, activating the rotary motor, slowly moving his clothing in an oblong loop from right to left. A shirt caught his eye, and he released the button. Pulling it from the wrack, he noticed tags dangling from the sleeves, and dropped it to the floor disgusted; he needed to have a chat with Sophie again about making sure the clothes were ready to wear when he wanted them.

His thoughts moved to Jess. What a cute little woman with delightful children, living in the house of their dreams. A house he couldn’t be near without doubling over nauseous, vomiting bile from his stomach, beating his head with a pain so strong it felt as though a vice squeezed and squeezed.

He wondered if they’d started experiencing strange things or noticed the others living there. Either way, by the end of the month, he was sure the temperament would change, and they’d be scared and in pain, wishing they’d never moved to such a Godforsaken place. It didn’t take kindly to strangers, not for long, anyway, which may have been partially his fault, though he would never admit his involvement with what had happened there.

“Jess, Jess, Jess,” he muttered, buttoning a shirt that suited his mood with a smirk. “Such a pretty thing.”

At this point, he hadn’t met her, and as far as Gareth knew, she’d never seen him, and he felt it was advantageous that it stayed that way for now. He didn’t need to make introductions between her and Mason, serendipity had occurred, leaving him with time for other ventures.

The first order of business was finding Justin a job. He giggled, pondering not bothering right away, still having the inkling for mischief.

“No, I mustn’t.” He tittered.

Without bothering to find pants, he went back to the grand room of his suite, and sat on his favorite chair. Pushing back the coffee cup, he grabbed the phone receiver, and pressed #09. He stared at nothing, waiting for the party to answer.

“Hello, Phil, how would you like to retire early?” He listened, then said, “Perfect.”

He pressed #10 on the phone, then waited.

“Good morning, Utopia, may I speak with Justin?”

After giving Justin the news about his new position, he rose from the chair, leaving a sweaty impression on the velvet, and returned to the closet. Retrieving peacock-blue slacks, he wrestled himself into them while thinking of all the fun sure to start. He scowled briefly, the trouble that may have ensued over the next few days with Justin’s idle hands filling his mind; it would have been fun, but, too late to take it back now.

Stuffing his fatty foot inside a shoe at least a size too small, he grimaced, but the grin returned when each shoe pressed firmly around his feet. For now, he’d be satisfied with watching from a far and lurking in the shadows.

Back to his chair, Gareth took the phone again, pushing #01, then waiting a second, he put it back in its place on the table. Moments later a knock came at the door, and he rose, moving to it.


The trio and their dog crossed in front of the silver sedan, laughing with each other as they licked ice-cream cones.

Gareth sat behind the wheel, acting as though he were insignificant as the girl glanced in his direction. His yellow smile greeted her, and she turned away quickly, feeling uncomfortable. Her glee returned quickly as she moved with her family to the other side of the street.

Watching them peeking in the windows of the various shops, a car horn blared behind Gareth, forcing him to drive through the intersection. It didn’t matter, though, Ashcroft was small, and he didn’t fear losing them as they strolled along.

He followed them, careful to keep a safe distance behind, driving slowly through the tree-lined streets back to their home. In front of Martha Kramer’s house, he stopped, focusing on Jess, Chloe, Blake, and the dog frolic up the steps to the porch. A shiver raised puckers on his skin as they entered the daunting maw of the house. His stomach churned in anticipation.

A tap on the passenger window, alerted him that his covert operation had been discovered. His grin ever intact, Gareth turned his head. A girl with large, brown eyes stared inside.

Finding her name quickly, he said, rolling down the window with a push of a button, “Hello there, Megan, how are you this fine afternoon?”

“Ok.” She shrugged. “Do you want to see my mom?”

“No, dear,” he said, glancing at the house behind her.

Without another word, the girl turned and went to the swing hanging from a sturdy branch.

He looked back down the street, glanced in the car’s mirrors, then turned around in the middle of the street. That day he had learned the family was closely bound, probably because of the untimely death of the husband and father. Gareth wished he knew the details of the man’s demise to add to his collection of people’s misery.

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