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In 9 days darkness is coming will be available for download at Amazon, exclusively for Kindle, but paperback will be available everywhere, including the Bizarro Fiction Shop where you can get signed copies.

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Sarah heard Jess coming up the stairs, and hid inside Chloe’s room, then when she’d gone inside her room, returned to the landing, standing against the wall near Blake’s door, listening to the conversation inside.

The beast tormented them, too, and she felt bad for them, but there was nothing she could do for them. It did what it did, and it was awful. How was a six-year-old supposed to stand up against something like that?

She was a little surprised to hear what had happened to Chloe, which was similar to how Uncle George had acted before he’d moved away. She never understood why he’d needed two baths in one night.

Her mom had stood at the top of the stairs in the dark hours when the beast normally moved through the second floor, but her standing watch outside her room had kept it from tormenting anyone in the house.

The moment Chloe and Blake left the room, she entered, and went inside to look out the window at the side yard. In the distance, dark clouds billowed over the mountains, and the breeze swaying the tree branches was stronger than normal.

Sarah shivered, and crossed her arms, hugging herself. She hated summer storms, the pulse of electricity made her feel strange as though she were flashing like the lights sometimes did.

Footsteps on the landing took her attention from the potential storm coming their way. Only Chloe and Blake had trotted downstairs, then out the front door, leaving Jess in her room.

Then something strange happened. The woman taking Sarah’s room asked if it was Sarah’s doll—Of course, it was her doll. Who else would it belong to?—But, that wasn’t what was strange, instantly she was pulled into the room with Jess like a magnetic field had dragged her there.

Sarah stood before Jess holding her Holly Hobbie, and she reached for it, touching her. The woman jumped, hearing Chloe and Blake come into the house, and left the room. Sarah went with her to the railing, and not by choice.

The woman looked down to the second floor, the children’s happy faces turned up to her, and then she felt what Sarah had felt before she’d fallen down the stairs. She’d heard the awful growls of the beast that had chased her into the house from the woods, and then it was gone, or so she thought.

Sarah was worried about it getting the baby, and went to check, realizing as she stood at his door that he wasn’t home yet, neither was her mom. She closed his door, and went to the top of the stairs. The sound of the monster’s growl filled her ears, and bright light filled the downstairs.

Stopping the memory, she rushed into the closet where her flowers grew from the baseboards, and cried. She had never been so frightened in her life, and wished she’d stayed in her room to wait for her mom to come home; she would’ve kept the monster out, then comforted her, telling her everything would be all right like she wished she’d do right now.

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