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There’s only 19 days left until darkness is coming will be available for purchase, so I figured I’d give you some background and how it came to be.

The title changed a few times, first it was The House on Scarlet Lane, then Blind Sorrow, Blind Fear, but neither of those titles stuck in my head. While I liked them, and did cover mocks for each, they just didn’t work. Then Claire Stevens said, “Darkness is coming, be in your room before it comes.” And that is when I found the title, it was perfect, it described what the book is about.

The original manuscript only included the story of Jess finding a job in Ashcroft, and Mason getting out of prison to return to his hometown, Ashcroft, where he luckily finds a job and place to live from a creepy man he meets on the bus. Then Jess finds a house she loves that she and her children learn after living there a night that it’s haunted. When I hit around 50,000 words, I read what I’d written, and found it predictable and, frankly, unmemorable. That’s when the back story found its way into the story, which turned out to be longer than what I’d already written.

The backstory is the history of the demon/beast that torments four prominent families in Ashcroft, and how they deal with it, which isn’t very well. Elise Parks is a witch and enlists Petula Mitcham, an uppity Christian woman who has a problem with the truth, and her friends to bind it in a clearing in the woods near the Mitcham’s house. Within the stories, you will learn all the horrible things that happen to them throughout the years, starting in 1854.

Ashcroft is a fictional town, but based on a culmination of the ghost towns my husband and I toured in the last few years. For some reason Ashcroft was the name town wanted, and yes it’s a real place. You can find it a little West and South of Aspen, CO. The only thing that’s real about my Ashcroft is that they mined silver, and I mentioned one of its previous names. This story gives it a life that it never had, and probably never wanted.

darkness is coming will be available for download on May 1, 2018 exclusively on Amazon Kindle for purchase and as part of Kindle Unlimited. Paperback will also be available from Amazon and other online retailers around the same time; and I will have signed copies at the Bizarro Fiction Shop.

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