Darkness (2002) isn’t what I expected. It has the standard weird, haunted house vibe that builds throughout the film, but it also has a Dan Brown feel. The mystery of what is happening slowly reveals itself with an exciting twist.

Darkness posterThe effects are nothing special, but the camera work is wonderful. I always love weird angles, and this film satisfies. The story is a little strange at times, and I wondered how it fit. Believe me, it does. I also want to point out that the acting is good, considering this is a Dimension Films production. I’m not saying that their films tend to have bad acting; they aren’t usually so smooth.

In the end, when everything was revealed, I was satisfied. Another good thing about Darkness is that they made it just the right length. If you’re looking for something that has some good jump scenes and total creepiness, I highly recommend this film.

3.5 Stars

I gave Darkness 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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