#Cover Draft: Home #WIP

I have the first draft of the cover for Home. I’m excited. This is a picture taken on Main Street, Shoshoni, WY. The man who painted Geronimo (on the cover) also painted many other murals and billboards for the store. This is, as you might have guessed, the setting for Home.
Home is about two brothers that return to their hometown after many years of being away and find things in shambles. There is an outside force that brought them there. Shoshoni, since its founding, has a malevolent being residing there (no spoilers yet). He wants the brothers to rebuild the town, and something else. Cody is the older brother and is focused on building his life and moving up at work. Tyler, the younger of the two, is full of himself, and looks for the easy way to get rich. He’s also brought a friend from work with him, Shelly, who learns more about the Shaver Hotel and Shoshoni than she ever cared to know.
Watch for more to come about Home. Let me know what you think of the cover in the comments.
Release Date: TBD