#ClassicHorror #Slasher – My Bloody Valentine (1981)

When a movie starts out with a hot S&M scene, you know it’s gonna be good. Well, maybe it wasn’t S&M, but I still like My Bloody Valentine (1981). The opening scene is kinky though; a couple wearing gas masks walking through (what looks like, at first glance, a torture chamber) a mine shaft. The dominate doesn’t remove their gas mask or gear, and being 1981, I assume this person is male as the woman removes her mask and clothing. The very vanilla foreplay commences, and I guess he wasn’t impressed either since he impaled her with a pickax.

At times, My Bloody Valentine was cute, like the following scene of men climbing out of the mine after their shift, and showering, having a Porky’s vibe, which isn’t bad, I love the Porky’s movies. As I watched this slasher delight, I wondered about the nine minutes the MPAA trimmed from this movie due to excessive violence and gore; I can’t imagine that it being any worse than a human heart in a candy box or an old woman cooked in a laundry dryer.

The screams in this film are to my liking, even poor old Mabel got a few good ones out before she got snuffed. The special effects and gore were good, returning me to wonder about those missing nine minutes. But can I miss something I’ve never known? The back story is solid, and I enjoyed the scene with Harry munching on the human arm.

To me this is one of the best 80s slashers ever made, and think anyone who hasn’t seen it, should give it a shot; not the remake, make sure it’s the one from 1981.

I give My Bloody Valentine 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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