It always amazes me how many movies have different names in different parts of the world; it seems like it’d be so confusing for the producers and more expensive to have two. Today, I’m talking about one of those movies The City of the Dead (UK)/Horror Hotel (US) (1960). After seeing this film, I have to say the US name makes no sense.

The City of the Dead

The back story is the beginning of the movie, so there’s no question of what’s happening and why. I’m not saying this was a bad thing, the movie is downright creepy, and this helps set the tone.

Nan Barlow, a student, decides to visit Whitewood to research witchcraft, her brother, Dick Barlow thinks it’s all a sham and has an argument with Alan Driscoll, history professor, about it. I love the ease she has picking up a creepy dude fromThe City of the Dead the side of the road.

The amount of fog in Whitewood is almost comical and random people are walking around the downtown area. Some of the sets I recognize from other movies of the time, but that always makes it fun to try to guess where they came from, like a drinking game. Some of the facets of this movie are horrible, like the cheese they injected toward the end that was completely unneeded.

This is an intriguing and dark story, and I totally enjoyed it, giving it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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