Circus Tarot Teaser

The countdown is slowly ticking away (very slowly) until Circus Tarot is released. Circus Tarot will be released only on Amazon for both paperback and Kindle edition. I thought you might like a teaser of what’s to come.
Mary looked behind her at the curve of the grandstand’s backside. She did not realize how far it was to the Center Ring entrance. “I haven’t passed it, have I?” She thought. The Nine of Buckets stepped from the folds of the tent a short distance away. Mary stopped. Her eyes widened. His hands twitched at his sides.
“There you are,” the Nine of Buckets said, his puffy lips barely moving when he spoke. “I thought you wished for me to be your escort as always.”
“Well that was the plan,” Mary replied, wondering if she would be able to get past him. “Then the Magician whisked me away without my consent.” She choked out a laugh.
She saw that his demeanor was not his normal joviality. He appeared tense. His eyes were dark. The puffiness of his full lips was taught, making the red grease paint crack. The Clown shook as if he were detoxing. Mary swallowed hard.