Choose (2010) has an interesting premise that they could’ve done so much more with than they did. It begins with a family being abducted in their home (something that baffled me was how the intruder got inside), and the daughter must decide to either kill Mom or Dad. If she refuses to kill either, then the intruder will kill the entire family.

choose_pAs the movie progresses, Fionna, who’s dad is a cop, starts to piece things together. Unfortunately, it’s on the bland side at times, then there’s a pivot in the library where she’s trying to find some books, and Choose gets much better. Even the disfigurements are tame for the most part. For a change, the acting is on a higher level than I’ve seen in a while, but that’s not to say it’s perfect.

Choose’s back story is suitable and added to the film’s strangeness that was more thriller than horror. At least all my questions were answered when the credits began to roll. I should mention that there is a fair amount of gore that is SAW-ish.

3.5 Stars

I enjoyed Choose for what it was and give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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