This is the end, friend. Andy

Child’s Play (1988) continues to be one of my favorite horror movies of the 80s. It was exciting and creepy, and still is. This movie was so cool when it first came out, and I think it holds its own today. Of course, other film makers jumped on the killer toy theme with Puppet Master and Demonic Toys; both great franchises, but not as great as Child’s Play. There’s something about bringing an innocuous object to life that is just creepy.

My cousin had a My Buddy doll, which was a lot like the Good Guy doll, and both are equally creepy. I hated that thing, and he had it before Child’s Play hit the big screen; at least it didn’t talk, which would’ve made it worse, it just stared blankly into space. Gah, gives me the creeps thinking about it.

When I heard that they were doing a sequel, I was like what? How? Andy torched Chucky. Then the how was revealed in Child’s Play 2 (1990). I still wonder how the Play Pals company was able to get the doll out of evidence, but Mattson was sneaky, so I’m sure he just had to fill someone’s pocket.

The story continues with us learning that Andy’s mom is in a psych unit, and he’s in a group home, then moved to a foster home until she is released from the looney bin. The family has another foster kid, Kyle, who has been in several other homes before she finds herself with the current family.

This sequel is great, and better than the first, which I rarely say, and I wish I could say that for Child’s Play 3 (1991). I do like it though, even with Justin Whalin playing Andy, which I find weird, he really doesn’t look like Alex Vincent even eight years in the future.

You know what they say, you just can’t keep a Good Guy down. Chucky

My biggest problem from this installment was the fact that Chucky was rebuilt from rubber that his blood had dripped into. In my head that should make every doll made from that batch cursed with Chucky. There are great scenes throughout, too. The scene with the Play Pals CEO with Chucky is great; Chucky running in the shadows is still creepy.

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