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  • #TuesdayTales 63 – recusant

    #TuesdayTales 63 – recusant

    The blood, I demand that it not get on my pretty dress but it is recusant and goes wherever it pleases. With every slash, more flows and spurts from him. This change in me is not expected, the pleasure I feel drives me forward. The smell of the blood fills me; I can no longer […]

  • #TuesdayTales 55 – CONFLUENCE

    #TuesdayTales 55 – CONFLUENCE

    The fountains of water erupt, pulsing higher and higher into the sky. In an act of rivalry, one turns into the other with splashes forming a confluence for a moment before becoming a watery “X”. The strength of the flows weaken, it is clear that this duel will have to be ruled an impasse to […]

  • #TuesdayTales 54 – Crypt

    #TuesdayTales 54 – Crypt

      The night was dark, but it did not matter; he did not need light to see. He had followed this path many times; he took every step from memory. He stood at the window and watched. He felt her fear stronger than he felt anything else. The light in the room went out. He […]

  • TuesdayTales 53 – Prolific

    TuesdayTales 53 – Prolific

      At the edge of the water, crowds gathered to watch the event. They had never seen the creatures that writhed in a ritualistic dance below the surface of the water. Their limbs were like tree bark, ever reaching for the skies. The onlookers were astonished at how prolific they were at their endeavors; each […]

  • #TuesdayTales 50 – obsequious

    #TuesdayTales 50 – obsequious

    His obsequious nature disturbed me. It seemed contrived, however, I could not determine exactly if it was or not. He easily lured the girls with his touches and caresses and his sweet music. They did not listen when I warned that he was up to no good nor did they seem to care. His malevolence […]

  • #TuesdayTales 48 – Bandersnatch

    #TuesdayTales 48 – Bandersnatch

    The bandersnatch chased her through the catacombs. She did not understand why it chose today of all days, her wedding day, to show itself. She had known it existed for since she was a child. It always remained just out of her sight. Could it be jealous or afraid that she would forget about it? […]

  • TuesdayTales 46 – Distinguished

    TuesdayTales 46 – Distinguished

    The distinguished gentleman strolled by us again. He never seems to notice our splendor of glowing yellow as he speeds by leaving us in a blur of indistinguishable color. We demand his notice. He will see us tomorrow. Our blooms explode in the morning sun. Some cannot hold on any longer and burst into a […]

  • # TuesdayTales 45 – Exoteric

    # TuesdayTales 45 – Exoteric

    I wrote the exoteric script and handed it to the Chief Correspondence Editor. One would think that it would’ve been more difficult to adjust to the changes that came with the new world. Everything is clean and perfect, like samurais practicing with katanas—nothing but smooth fluidity. The theme is simple, no negativity, only positive thoughts, […]