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  • #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 47

    #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 47

    This is the house. The seasons have changed from hot to cold and back again since it happened. Not much has changed with it since they stopped, except the concrete sidewalk breaking apart on the edges. Yes, stopped, no one knows, especially the doctors, what happened to them except stopped. Eyes closed. Breathing slightly. No […]

  • #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 45

    #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 45

    “Tonight is the full moon,” he said. “My spell will be remembered for centuries to come.” “Sounds like a stupid spell if you ask me,” she said, breaking his concentration. “And it’s a blue moon, by the way.” He gave her a nasty look and returned to his work. “What would she know about anything, […]

  • #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 43

    #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 43

      I got a strange feeling when my parka filled with air. It wasn’t a good feeling either. We reverently scanned the cemetery. I heard the almost inaudible pop and froze. Lucky me, I found another trigger. It wasn’t the first time I’ve found one of those in there; I felt the others turn their […]

  • #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 40

    #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 40

    My eyes flutter in a dim room. Outside the window, I can see the pipe buildings of Arabelle. How did I get here? I try to sit up. “Careful,” a soft feminine voice says. “You’re attached to quite a few tubes and wires. We weren’t sure we’d see you wake. Guess you were really tired […]

  • #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 38

    #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 38

      I’d been in trouble before, but nothing like this. There was no way I was getting out of this alive. Time was running out and I didn’t have a plan. I drove to the meeting spot. My foot did not want to press the pedal, the closer I came to my destination. He was […]

  • #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 36

    #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 36

      How does one go from full on creativity to none what so ever? I’ve been asking myself that question for a few days now. I’ve never experienced writer’s block of this magnitude before. I cannot even come up with a complete sentence that is even remotely interesting. I try all my normal things to […]

  • #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 34

    #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 34

    Legend says that during a full moon strange things happen. I for one do not believe in such fanciful explanations. I am a man of facts, so I researched it. I studied the land. Many people told me the same thing; “it’s a dry heat around here that caused those trees to catch fire.” Well […]

  • #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 32

    #MenageMonday Challenge – Week 32

    It just didn’t feel right. I’ve ridden this close to fifty times and the scrapping sound was never part of it. She knew it too; her expression was of panic rising quickly. I’ve never spoken to her but I know she’s there with me every time. This time she actually sat next to me. All […]