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  • #HumpDayChallenge WEEK 33

      It is a perfect gift for my tank and me. The Devil’s Hand Coral cost me copious amounts of money but it was worth it. Like any other marine creature, I had to get it home and acclimate it to my tank. I half jogged down the street from the fish store home, six […]

  • #HumpDayChallenge Week 32

    Angles attempt to free themselves from the tangled web those dark forces ensnare them—trophies to sell they laugh with glee at the ease of  capture of trusting beings fiber of a shredded wing sways to the ground—evil revolution using blunt clubs, shattering  their skulls, feeding on salvation This weeks words are in bold. Read all […]

  • #HumpDayChallenge Week 31

      “Oh darling,” Ruthie exclaimed. “Let’s take holiday in the Caribbean.” I should abandon my thoughts of arguing with her about it, but I could not stop imagining a cruise ship running aground. “I don’t want to,” was all I could muster, knowing very well that I would be coaxed and goaded into finally agreeing. […]

  • #HumpDayChallenge – Week 30

    Entry #1 The television’s picture turned snowy with black lines zagging to the bottom right. The picture cleared showing a black and white jungle. A lemur scampered up a tree and started screaming its serenade to a female. The picture flashed to the snowy screen and black lines again before showing me a man standing […]

  • #HumpDayChallenge week 29

    “How much more conservative could my outfit get?” I thought as I popped the last rhinestone from my boots. It would be worth looking unremarkable (no cleavage and no bling), though, to get the funding. The corset, squeezed my waist, was covered by what felt like burlap on my bare skin; I would suffer looking […]

  • #HumpDayChallenge Week 28 – New Year’s Resolution

    “Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet?” “No, and I’m tired of people asking me that. Does it illuminate the soul for me to have a resolution? No, it does not. Then to break it and have a year filled with regrets. No, sir, that is not for me. I intended to fill myself […]

  • #HumpDayChallenge week 27

    “You’re a dirty douche nozzle with a broken spine,” he yelled into the telephone. The voice at the other end antagonized him further.  “Oh fuck you,” he bellowed. The voice interrupted him and his face reddened. “You can publish that on recycled toilet paper. You are such a waste of molecules.” The shriek from the […]

  • #HumpDayChallenge week 26!!!

    I know better than to eavesdrop on conversations when I am in this kind of mood and especially when I have had more than one Gimlet. I hoped that the morose tale the woman told her friend would end on a happy note—in fact I desperately wanted to hear “she rode off into the bright […]