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  • #HorrorMovie Review – Annabelle: Creation (2017)

    #HorrorMovie Review – Annabelle: Creation (2017)

    “You know what I like the most about Sweet Sue? She looks just like you.” – Janice I’m a big fan of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s exploits. I’ve read their books; Ghost Hunters: True Stories From the World’s Most Famous Demonologists was what caught my interest way back in 1989. And while, this isn’t based […]

  • #HorrorMovie Review – Rings (2017)

    #HorrorMovie Review – Rings (2017)

    All in all, I liked Rings (the third movie in the Ring franchise), but there were many questions that went unanswered, so maybe there will be a fourth to help me resolve those. I guess it’s possible that I missed them, too, who knows? I’ve seen The Ring, but don’t remember the Ring Two, but […]

  • #HorrorMovie Review – Shocker (1989)

    #HorrorMovie Review – Shocker (1989)

    Shocker was one of my favorite films back in 1989 when it was released. In my first place in college I had the movie poster taped to a window, making the blue electricity glow around Horace; it was so cool. While seeing it now brings back nostalgia, I see the cheese thicker now than I […]

  • #HorrorMovie #Review – Drag Me To Hell (2009)

    #HorrorMovie #Review – Drag Me To Hell (2009)

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Drag Me To Hell (2009), well not this movie, but so many like it. Formula based creation is annoying to me, I know it sells a shit load, which I’ve never understood. If all movies and books are the same, why bother spending the time to […]

  • #HorrorMovie #Review – Hellraiser: Judgment

    #HorrorMovie #Review – Hellraiser: Judgment

    We’ve simply invited you here to talk. To hear your thoughts and desires. The Auditor Beware! Minimal Spoilers! First thing I want to point out is that the only thing Clive Barker had to do with this movie was bringing the original characters to life. Technically, as memory serves, he only Directed and Wrote the […]

  • #HorrorMovie Review – VERÓNICA

    #HorrorMovie Review – VERÓNICA

    “God has nothing to do with it. Leave Him out of it.” – Sister Death I love headlines that say things like this New Netflix Horror Film Is So Terrifying People Are Having To Turn It Off, they do exactly what they want you to do, watch the movie to see how “Terrifying” it really […]

  • #HorrorMovie Review – The Crazies (2010)

    #HorrorMovie Review – The Crazies (2010)

    The Crazies (2010) is one of those movies that I wanted to see when it was new, but for whatever reason forgot about it until recently when I was browsing through the guide and came across it. I know it’s a remake, and I swore off remakes, I’m fickle that way. I love how the […]

  • Fender Bender #ChillerTV Original Movie #Review

    Fender Bender #ChillerTV Original Movie #Review

    Fender Bender is an unexpected delight. I love ChillerTV because it plays reruns of shows I loved growing up (Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, etc), as well has horror movies no one else is playing…ever. My only problem with the channel is that it isn’t currently broadcast in HD with my TV provider (I watched onDemand, which was […]