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  • #HorrorMovie Review – The Crazies (2010)

    The Crazies (2010) is one of those movies that I wanted to see when it was new, but for whatever reason forgot about it until recently when I was browsing through the guide and came across it. I know it’s a remake, and I swore off remakes, I’m fickle that way. I love how the […]

  • Fender Bender #ChillerTV Original Movie #Review

    Fender Bender is an unexpected delight. I love ChillerTV because it plays reruns of shows I loved growing up (Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, etc), as well has horror movies no one else is playing…ever. My only problem with the channel is that it isn’t currently broadcast in HD with my TV provider (I watched onDemand, which was […]

  • My “Heroes”

    For today’s post, I decided to do a pictorial homage to my heroes of horror. Who are your horrific heroes? (Select the arrows to scroll through.) [content_slider id=”496d842a7d67f35c4b64913184d13f3c” content_slider=”‹º›{‹²›item_image‹²›:{‹²›attachment_id‹²›:‹²›13398‹²›,‹²›url‹²›:‹²›//‹²›},‹²›item_title‹²›:‹²›Pinhead‹²›,‹²›item_subtitle‹²›:‹²›Super-sexy, BDSM Master‹²›,‹²›item_content‹²›:‹²›‹¨›p‹˜›Checkout the ‹¨›a href‹´›‹ª›‹²›‹ª›‹²›‹˜›Hellraiser‹¨›/a‹˜› series for more about the tantalizing Pinhead.‹¨›/p‹˜›‹²›},{‹²›item_image‹²›:{‹²›attachment_id‹²›:‹²›13401‹²›,‹²›url‹²›:‹²›//‹²›},‹²›item_title‹²›:‹²›Freddy Krueger‹²›,‹²›item_subtitle‹²›:‹²›Dreamer, accessory king ‹²›,‹²›item_content‹²›:‹²›‹¨›p‹˜›He‹³›s such a dreamer. Find‹¯›nbsp;‹¨›a href‹´›‹ª›‹²›‹ª›‹²›‹˜›Freddy Krueger‹¨›/a‹˜› in the Nightmare on Elm […]