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  • Beyond the Door (1974) #1FromTheVaults #Horror

    Beyond the Door (1974) #1FromTheVaults #Horror

    Beyond the Door (1974) also has the names Who are you? and Devil Within Her. There’s also a movie called The Devil Within Her (1976), aka I Don’t Want to Be Born, starring Joan Collins that is very similar. As the film began, the first thing that came to mind was who fucked up Dimitri’s […]

  • The Black Phone (2021) #theGrabber #Horror

    The Black Phone (2021) #theGrabber #Horror

    The Black Phone (2021) stars Ethan Hawk and was produced by none other than Blumhouse, so with that knowledge, I went in knowing that it wasn’t going to be that scary for me, at least. This film also made me realize that Blumhouse films are like a gateway drug for newbies to the horror genre. […]

  • The Prowler (1981) #OneFromTheVaults #Horror #Slasher

    The Prowler (1981) #OneFromTheVaults #Horror #Slasher

    The Prowler (1981) starts with a flashback to the World War II era with a couple getting impaled by a pitchfork by an unknown killer while on lover’s lane. Due to this event, the Graduation Dance has been canceled for forty years.  The best part of this film is that I didn’t have to wait […]

  • The Runner (2022) #MusicVideo #Horror @BoyHarsher

    The Runner (2022) #MusicVideo #Horror @BoyHarsher

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Runner (2022) by Boy Harsher, and honestly didn’t know what it was or that it existed until Shudder posted it on Instagram. And after seeing it, I’m not sure what it was still except for a forty-minute music video featuring some fantastic Boy Harsher tracks. At least […]

  • Witchery (1988) #Haunted #Horror

    Witchery (1988) #Haunted #Horror

    Witchery (1988) aka La Casa 4 – Witchcraft in Italy) has an interesting cast, including David Hasselhoff and Linda Blair. That’s not where the strangeness ends for this film. It’s set at a hotel on a remote island where Gary and his girlfriend Leslie are researching the lore around it. It has moments where I […]

  • Temple (2017) #HorrorMovie Review

    Temple (2017) #HorrorMovie Review

    Temple (2017), like so many other horror movies I’ve seen in the last five years, is about going into the woods and getting attacked by a demonic presence, which is fine, I guess, but how many times does it need to be done? I could see it if Temple was a stellar example of the theme, […]

  • Intruder (1989) #Lost80s #Horror #Slasher

    Intruder (1989) #Lost80s #Horror #Slasher

    Intruder (1989) is another slasher film I remember seeing back in the day, but the details were fuzzy. I’m glad I took the time to rewatch it, as it’s a great movie. It starts with a grocery store closing for the night and the workers beginning to stock the shelves for the next day. A […]

  • They/Them (2022) #LGBTQ #Slasher #Horror

    They/Them (2022) #LGBTQ #Slasher #Horror

    They/Them (2022) brings LGBTQ+ horror to the front in this strangely delightful slasher. While it has some great stabby-stabby scenes, it’s not very frightening. That’s because Blumhouse seems to make so much horror-lite content anymore that I can’t remember being scared. It takes place in an LGBTQ+ conversion camp run by Owen Whistler (Kevin Bacon); […]