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  • Things that go BITE in the night #horror #monsters #vampires

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    From May 3 to June 1, 2021, I’ve teamed up with some great Horror authors to scare the pants off of you. Each of the participating authors is offering some of their books at a discounted price.  To check out all these books follow this link to the Things that go BITE in the night […]

  • #BlackFriday Sale Day 5

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    Home, Circus Tarot, The Road to Saratin, Hydrangeas on the Lanai, and darkness are coming are on sale for $.0.99 today and tomorrow (November 26 & 27) at Amazon for Kindle. Home When Cody learns a Fallen Angel reigns in his hometown, he must return to put an end to the evil plans. Shoshoni used […]

  • Kindle 99 Cent Sale


    Kindle 99 Cent Sale Hello everyone, I’m having a Kindle 99 Cent Sale.  I’m hoping everyone is doing well in this strange and uncertain time.  With more to do free time on our hands, it’s hard to know what to do. Reading is always something to do to take our minds off what ails the […]

  • Home A Novel’s 3rd Anniversary #Free #ebook

    Today is my award winning novel Home A Novel’s 3rd Anniversary, and in celebration of it’s release I’m giving it to you for free. About Home A Novel When Cody learns a Fallen Angel reigns in his hometown, he must return to put an end to the evil plans. Shoshoni used to be a thriving, […]

  • The birth of HOME A Novel and how it morphed into something completely different

    When HOME started it was originally titled Church Hill, and originally the protagonist was a young woman. The more I progressed into the story, it felt unnatural, and I stopped writing it; the characters weren’t what I wanted them to be, and to be honest, didn’t fit the landscape. I kept all the original writing for […]

  • What did you do? – #ThursThreads Week 241


    Her eyes fluttered in response to the silver light filling the room. The sound of a steady hissing, like a kettle on the fire, found her ears. Pushing herself up, she winced from the aches tormenting her muscles and joints from sleeping on the unaccommodating surface of a wooden pallet. The empty room danced with […]

  • HOME A Novel #99CENT #Halloween SALE Ends 11/1

    HOME A Novel on sale for 99cents now through 11/1 at Amazon. Shoshoni used to be a thriving, small town in Wyoming, but now has lost its luster. Some don’t care what happens, while others have fought for the town’s demise to keep the prophecy from coming true. One man, hiding behind the glaring windows of […]

  • 4 Star #Review for HOME from

    Below is the 4 Star Review I received from Pretty awesome. For more information about HOME A Novel and where to buy it, click here. We just got your review back from our team.  You’ll find it below and online here: http:// horror-novel-contest-entries/ And, please note that we take great pride in the fact […]