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  • Spellbinder (1988) #HorrorMovie Review


    The 80s brought about many strange things, and Spellbinder (1988) seems to highlight many of them in under ninety minutes. I saw this in college on VHS, but I didn’t recall it being so slow to get anywhere, like so many movies today that fight to get to the point. Spellbinder is the first time […]

  • #FridayPictureShow ~ Week 40

    Silence after of hours of chaos. They sat barely touched by the turmoil. The soot and smoke swirled around them as they looked over the trees’ shades of grey and black. Fire had licked each branch, sizzling and charring the sap that once flowed freely through their veins. Now they sat empty of leaves and […]

  • The #FridayPictureShow ~ Week 36

    The dark being with the badly formed metal bird mask stood in the doorway. I concealed myself as best as I could in the shadows. My heart thudded in my chest so loudly I thought it would lead him to me. Slowly, he turned his head side to side, scanning the darkness for a hint […]

  • The #FridayPictureShow ~ Week 34

      People call me creepy but I don’t care. I like what I like. I don’t judge them on their past-times or…fetishes. I used to be a shoe salesman for a very large department store chain but of course, no one understood. They ridiculed and taunted me. It was not like I did anything while […]

  • The #FridayPictureShow ~ Week 33

    The sky was dark and scarred with clouds. She held on tightly to the strings of the brightly colored balloons as she floated high into the sky. The gypsy said this was the only way home. She did not have a choice but to believe that drifting high into the night sky would take her […]

  • #FridayPictureShow Week 30

    Today was the day. Pete felt nervous. He did not know what to expect as he walked down the street with the arraignment gripped in his hand. The flowers bounced with each of his determined steps. She would never expect such a large gesture from him and that excited him. Finally, he would not be […]

  • #FridayPictureShow ~ Week 26

    The maelstrom screamed around her. The unknitting process began rapidly. She felt the fibers of her existence unravel and shred. A voice in the distance told her to be strong and not to fear, this was not her undoing. She stood steadfast in the storm that pulsed around and within her. The surges of power […]

  • #FridayPictureShow ~ Week 25

    Her head lolls on her chest as she slowly wakes. The light in the forest recedes, stretching shadows around her. Her eyes flutter open and she winces from the pain in her head and the strain she feels in her arms. She feels the thin twine press into her wrists. Memories of the day elude […]